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iSkysoft Affiliate - How it works

We provide webmasters the opportunity to advertise, promote and sell our products to their users and visitors, and earn up to 75% of each sale they make!


1. Sign up to become an iSkysoft affiliate;
Now you would obtain an affiliate ID that is pretty important for you. All affiliates will be automatically approved.
2. Browse and select iSkysoft products to sell;
Here you would get the product ID that you want to sell.
You can get the Buy Now Links within the Product Finder. View the product you'd like to sell and then click the Sales Links tab from the product pop-up windows. Within that window you will find the links to that product's order form. Buy Now Links:
http://www.regnow.com/softsell/nph-softsell.cgi?item=16339-10&affiliate=××××.where 16339-10 is product ID mentioned above and×××× is your affiliate ID.
This method refers customer directly to the product's order form. The customer's visit is recorded (using cookies) so that even if they decide to order at a later time you will still receive credit for the sale.
3. Build your custom version.
Along with displaying Buy Now Links for the products, you can also earn commission by providing a trial version that will enable users to later purchase the product. Some benefits of this method are:
Users who are undecided about a purchase can try before they buy, which thereby extend your sales opportunities.
The Buy Now Links of custom version products are embedded with your affiliate ID, which can ensure to track your every sale from custom version.
For Mac products, please contact us at affiliate@iskysoft.com. We will make it for you.
For Win products, you can directly make it on our "custom version" page by yourself.


After selecting a product to sell, you'll want to select a banner, boxshot or other image for use on your web site. There are two methods to get those resources.
1) Log in to Control Panel and get the boxshots and screenshots links from Relationship Product Detail Tab.
2) We have seasonal promotion posted on the Promotion page. You can get the newest resources there.

Generate Sales:

Your customers make a valid purchase on your site or the visitors from your link ID come to our site make a valid purchase.

Get Paid:

Your every order is absolutely traceable and you can get your commission from every order you sell immediately.